THEMES: ICAMEES-2018 is aimed to tackle and respond the challenges and opportunities by covering the following topics:

Track 1: Advanced Materials


  Materials for Industrial Applications

  Materials for Environment Conservation/Protection

  Polymeric Materials


  Magnetic Materials

  Photonic materials/ crystals


Track 2: Energy Harvesting/Sources

  Biomass Conversion


  Petroleum Products

  Solar Power

  Wind Power

  Hydro Power

  Hydrogen energy

  Fuel cell

  Shale gas

  Nuclear energy

  Geothermal energy

  Wave & tidal energy

  Thermal power 

Track 3: Energy Storage

  Super Capacitors


  Materials for Energy Storage

  Adsorptive Storage

  Alternative & hybrid energy systems

  Smart grid

    Track 4: Environmental Sustainability

      Waste Management

      Waste Water Treatment

      Soil Conservation

      Industrial pollution

      Pollution control strategies, policies and legal aspects

      Global warming

      Natural disasters

      Climate change 


    Track 5: Earth Sciences

        Ocean Technology

        Seismological Research



        Carbon cycle research    


        CO2 sequestration 

        Dynamics of tropical clouds

        Mathematical, Statistical and Numerical Methods

        Atmospheric Modelling 

        Atmospheric Thermodynamic

    Track 6: Miscellaneous

      Green chemistry

      Green buildings

      Energy conversion technologies

      Energy management and policies

      Green technologies & climate concern

      Computational techniques for energy generation & storage